Sunday, May 3, 2020

Introducing this Blog

Introducing our blog:
Armel Crocker and Jane Els are both members and Ruling Elders at the First Presbyterian Church in Winnsboro, Texas.  In 2019, we completed a course of instruction and received Certificates in Ministry from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Since then we have alternated preaching here and there in Grace Presbytery, mostly at two specific churches in Paris, Texas and Deport, Texas.  

When the Covid-19 virus hit and shut down in-person worship we decided to start this blog so we could provide a way to have worship available electronically but also in a way that combined it in written form but also in a video format where we could offer sermons and the occasional music tidbit that might add to your understanding of the message. 

We are learning as we go.  We ask for your patience as we try to speed around the learning curve without crashing into anything.

A few notes:  When you come to a video you should be able to just click on the arrow to start the video.  Once the video starts you could enlarge the picture by hitting the [] brackets at the bottom right hand of the screen if you want.  

Since we're using Youtube you might see content we didn't post after our video has ended.  We don't control what that video is.  It might be a cooking show that Jane has recently looked at on youtube or it might not.  We're not really sure how this works. 

For those who have seen us preach at your church individually but never together we wanted to show you a photo of the two of us together in one place at one time:

You can send us feedback at our email address:

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